Advanced Endoscopic Pelvic Surgery


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Target Audience

Highly recommended to all practising obstetricians & gynaecologists and registrars


This course gives participants who wish to perform advanced endoscopic surgery safely, efficiently, and reproducibly all the essentials in knowledge and skills to achieve these goals.


This Master Class consists of several learning modules which are combined into an integrated program. Each module has clearly defined learning objectives and pre and post-learning assessments. The modules include:

  • Pelvic Anatomy – in-depth understanding of pelvic anatomy and pelvic surgical spaces
  • Entry technique – to gain safe entry, to avoid and manage entry-related complications
  • Laparoscopic suturing – personal tuition by expert faculty
  • Electrosurgery and alternative energy sources – to maximise energy usage efficiency and minimise energy source related complications
  • Prevention and management of endoscopy related complications – vascular and visceral injury
  • Risk Management and clinical governance – endoscopic alternatives to traditional surgery

Program Accreditation

Each module in this Master Class has been constructed to facilitate practising obstetricians and gyanecologists participate in the RANZCOG Continuing Professional Development (CPD). 

Training Components

  • Suturing workshop conducted at the Sydney Clinical Skills & Simulation Centre
  • Experimental operating theatre:
    • To practise suturing skills on live tissue
    • To learn dissection skills required for retroperitoneal and pelvic sidewall dissection
    • To learn to manage vascular and visceral injuries related to laparoscopy
    • To learn the surgical principles of ovarian cystectomy, salpingo-oophorectomy
    • To learn the surgical principles of laparoscopic hysterectomy
  • Live theatre demonstration¬†
    • To learn and practise entry techniques
    • To observe and participate in the essential teamwork principle in advanced endoscopic surgery
  • Case presentation and discussion
  • Course evaluation, feedback and follow-up

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