About Us

CARE is a center of excellence in assessment and management of female pelvic diseases. The centre combines comprehensive clinical services with world-class training and education for health professionals and patient-focused clinical research.

The centre is located on level 4 of AMA HOUSE, 69 Christie Street, St Leonards, Sydney and is attended by a team of highly specialised and skilled gynaecologists under the direction of Associate Professor Alan Lam.

Patient Services

The acronym CARE is chosen to reflect the centres patient-focused philosophy:

  • To offer every patient with appropriate, evidence-based CARE and support
  • To deliver the safest and highest quality surgical CARE
  • To provide patients with minimally invasive surgical CARE

Training and Education

CARE has been conducting an internationally renown, integrated training program directed at specialists, registrars and nursing staff with the aims of widening the surgical skills, improving safety and efficiency in minimal access pelvic surgery.

Our workshops have attracted hundreds of health professionals from Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe, North America, Africa and the Middle East since its inception in 1997.

Clinical research

CARE is at the forefront of many clinical research activities aiming to improve safety and efficiency in endoscopic surgery, endometriosis management and pelvic floor reconstructive surgery.