A/Professor Lam performed live demonstration surgery to AAGL 2020 Virtual Global Congress from North Shore Private Hospital

North Shore Private Hospital’s multidisciplinary team for endometriosis, led by A/Professor Alan lam, was given the honour to demonstrate live surgery to audience from 80 countries participating in the 2020 AAGL  49th Virtual  Global Congress on Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery.

The live surgical demonstration was selected to highlight the benefits and importance of a multi-disciplinary approach in the removal of complex endometriosis affecting ovaries, bowels and ureters.  

The case involved a young lady who was in a great deal of distress from pain due to severe endometriosis which was unsuccessfully treated  at another hospital a year before. Professor Alan Lam,  joined by Dr Shahrir Kabir, colorectal surgeon, were able to  successfully remove all her endometriosis, repaired the ovaries, and preserved her fertility.  She made a quick recovery, left hospital after an overnight stay and was able to resume work and all physical activities a week later.

We are grateful to the Ramsay Health Care IT for the installation of a dedicated stand-alone NBN connection which enabled the fully integrated Stryker i-Suite system to help Prof. Lam simultaneously convey live footage,  record and share without latency the 2-hour procedure to the global participants from the North Shore Private operating theatre.  Coupled with high quality two-way audio and the ability to share live footage from any source, the audience was able to immerse themselves in the interactive, high quality live surgical experience for the entire duration of the procedure.  

“Sharing our expertise through a live surgery such as this, is a great example of how technology can be used in an impactful way,” says North Shore Private Hospital’s CEO, Richard Ryan

Our aim is to support our doctors with the technology they need to continue to embrace these professional development opportunities to both educate others and to learn to enhance the outcomes for our patients.”